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Clapham North Monday Results/Fixtures

June 03

Clapham North Monday 7-a-side
Maddogs4 - 2King Kong's FingerToby Beer (Maddogs)
Oceans8 - 0Liquid FootballDan Davies (Oceans)
Morgan Power3 - 5RPL VIICharlie Dorey (RPL VII)
Haven’t Got A Kalou3 - 5The Friendship BoysAdam Bilbey (The Friendship Boys)
June 17

Clapham North Monday 7-a-side
Haven’t Got A Kalou3 - 2OceansJack Clayton (Haven’t Got A Kalou)
Dyslexia Untied5 - 3King Kong's FingerOlly Cripps (Dyslexia Untied)
Maddogs7 - 3Morgan PowerTom Barrett (Maddogs)
Ox in the Box7 - 3Liquid FootballAndy Jones (Ox in the Box)
The Friendship Boys1 - 6RPL VIICharlie Dorey (RPL VII)
June 24

Clapham North Monday 7-a-side
RPL VII4 - 3Liquid FootballGlyn Lewis (RPL VII)
Dyslexia Untied3 - 2Morgan PowerJack Payton (Dyslexia Untied)
Ox in the Box8 - 8OceansJacob Kemp (Oceans)
The Friendship Boys1 - 5King Kong's FingerDave Backhouse (King Kong's Finger)
Maddogs6 - 0Haven’t Got A KalouAli McManus (Maddogs)
July 01

Clapham North Monday 7-a-side
Maddogs6 - 5Dyslexia UntiedMark Peacock (Maddogs)
Ox in the Box6 - 2Haven’t Got A KalouAndy Jones (Ox in the Box)
The Friendship Boys0 - 5Morgan Power
RPL VII7 - 6OceansRoman Christoforou (RPL VII)
Liquid Football2 - 8King Kong's FingerToby Beer (King Kong's Finger)
July 08

Clapham North Monday 7-a-side
King Kong's Finger5 - 1OceansMarcus Loney-Evans (King Kong's Finger)
RPL VII4 - 2Haven’t Got A KalouRobert Gibson (RPL VII)
The Friendship Boys2 - 5Dyslexia UntiedElliot Hemings (Dyslexia Untied)
Maddogs2 - 4Ox in the BoxTony Kelly (Ox in the Box)
Liquid Football5 - 1Morgan PowerShaun Gibbs (Liquid Football)
July 15

Clapham North Monday 7-a-side
Maddogs8 - 3The Friendship BoysAli McManus (Maddogs)
RPL VII3 - 2Ox in the BoxAlly Munn (RPL VII)
King Kong's Finger4 - 3Haven’t Got A KalouDave Backhouse (King Kong's Finger)
Liquid Football1 - 3Dyslexia UntiedJack Payton (Dyslexia Untied)
Oceans5 - 1Morgan PowerJacob Kemp (Oceans)
July 22

Clapham North Monday 7-a-side
Liquid Football1 - 2The Friendship BoysGus Hill (The Friendship Boys)
Morgan Power2 - 2Haven’t Got A KalouJack Clayton (Haven’t Got A Kalou)
King Kong's Finger1 - 4Ox in the BoxTom Howell (Ox in the Box)
Maddogs6 - 0RPL VIIAli McManus (Maddogs)
Oceans3 - 7Dyslexia UntiedAdam James (Dyslexia Untied)
July 29

Clapham North Monday 7-a-side
Morgan Power1 - 11Ox in the BoxTristan Rowley (Morgan Power)
Oceans7 - 2The Friendship BoysJacob Kemp (Oceans)
Maddogs6 - 4Liquid FootballRichard Murphy (Maddogs)
Haven’t Got A Kalou0 - 7Dyslexia UntiedJack Clayton (Dyslexia Untied)
King Kong's Finger3 - 6RPL VIIRoman Christoforou (RPL VII)
August 05

Clapham North Monday 7-a-side
Dyslexia Untied1 - 4RPL VIIIvan Diaz (RPL VII)
Maddogs5 - 6OceansJacob Kemp (Oceans)
Haven’t Got A Kalou1 - 1Liquid FootballJack Clayton (Haven’t Got A Kalou)
Morgan Power0 - 1King Kong's FingerTom (King Kong's Finger)
Ox in the Box4 - 1The Friendship BoysTristan Rowley (Ox in the Box)
August 12

Clapham North Monday 7-a-side
Dyslexia Untied10 - 1Ox in the BoxEdward Brookes (Dyslexia Untied)

1st vs 2nd
RPL VII7 - 7MaddogsRob Gibson (RPL VII)

5th vs 6th
King Kong's Finger2 - 4OceansJacob Kemp (Oceans)

9th vs 10th
Liquid Football5 - 3Morgan PowerDaniel (Liquid Football)

7th vs 8th
The Friendship Boys10 - 1Haven’t Got A KalouAdam Bilbey (The Friendship Boys)