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Clapham Junction Wednesday Results/Fixtures

July 17

Clapham Junction Wednesday 5-a-side
Big FC3 - 3Chubby AlonsosPierre Viger (Big FC)
Expected Toulouse2 - 4Neil Harris' Route One ArmyJack Surlis (Neil Harris' Route One Army)
Rooftoppers13 - 3AnchormenMatt Siredzuk (Rooftoppers)
July 24

Clapham Junction Wednesday 5-a-side
The Sopranos6 - 4AnchormenROBERT ELLIS (The Sopranos)
Big FC14 - 3Expected ToulousePierre Viger (Big FC)
The Henchmen3 - 7Neil Harris' Route One ArmyTom Bennett (Neil Harris' Route One Army)
Rooftoppers7 - 5Chubby AlonsosRory Knibbs (Rooftoppers)
July 31

Clapham Junction Wednesday 5-a-side
Big FC8 - 1RooftoppersThomas Grist (Big FC)
The Henchmen6 - 1Expected ToulouseStuart Furminger (The Henchmen)
The Sopranos1 - 10Chubby AlonsosHugo Pattar (Chubby Alonsos)
Anchormen2 - 9Neil Harris' Route One ArmyAlex Watson (Neil Harris' Route One Army)
August 07

Clapham Junction Wednesday 5-a-side
Big FC1 - 1The HenchmenSimon Curtis (The Henchmen)
The Sopranos1 - 6RooftoppersFergus O'Callaghan (Rooftoppers)
Anchormen4 - 8Expected ToulouseJustin Shea (Expected Toulouse)
Neil Harris' Route One Army5 - 0Chubby Alonsos
August 14

Clapham Junction Wednesday 5-a-side
Neil Harris' Route One Army4 - 12RooftoppersRory Knibbs (Rooftoppers)
Anchormen4 - 6The HenchmenHarri Williams (The Henchmen)
Chubby Alonsos7 - 9Expected ToulouseJosh Breckman (Expected Toulouse)
Big FC5 - 4The SopranosStephen Cant (Big FC)
August 21

Clapham Junction Wednesday 5-a-side
Neil Harris' Route One Army7 - 4The SopranosGuy Horlock (Neil Harris' Route One Army)
Big FC13 - 0AnchormenThomas Grist (Big FC)
Chubby Alonsos9 - 0The HenchmenRob Irvine (Chubby Alonsos)
Expected Toulouse10 - 3RooftoppersAndy Thompson (Expected Toulouse)
August 28

Clapham Junction Wednesday 5-a-side
Chubby Alonsos0 - 5Anchormen
Rooftoppers9 - 5The HenchmenRory Knibbs (Rooftoppers)
Big FC5 - 0Neil Harris' Route One Army
Expected Toulouse3 - 4The SopranosPablo Talbot (The Sopranos)