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Battersea (Newton Prep) Monday (Late) Results/Fixtures

June 24

Battersea (Newton) Monday (Late) 6-a-side
Pink and Black2 - 1Without a PaddleAngus Best (Pink and Black)
Net 6 and Chill3 - 2calidosos fcAlexandro Crisales (calidosos fc)
Marko Pirlo9 - 5Ledley's KingsBen Harvey (Marko Pirlo)
Delph & Safety3 - 1Marradona KebabsFaiz Amin (Delph & Safety)
July 01

Battersea (Newton) Monday (Late) 6-a-side
Swans2 - 4Marradona KebabsTheo Barnes (Marradona Kebabs)
Mo Mane Mo Problems1 - 2Ledley's KingsMark Frampton (Ledley's Kings)
Delph & Safety1 - 2calidosos fcAlexandro (calidosos fc)
Marko Pirlo4 - 3Without a PaddleJoe Williams (Marko Pirlo)
Pink and Black1 - 4Net 6 and ChillCharlie Mckelvey (Net 6 and Chill)
July 08

Battersea (Newton) Monday (Late) 6-a-side
Delph & Safety3 - 0Net 6 and ChillJames Sales (Delph & Safety)
Pink and Black8 - 2Marko PirloSam Evans (Pink and Black)
Mo Mane Mo Problems0 - 3Without a PaddlePaddy Van Der Pan (Without a Paddle)
Swans3 - 6calidosos fcAndres Perez (calidosos fc)
Marradona Kebabs3 - 0Ledley's KingsDonavon Matthews (Marradona Kebabs)
July 15

Battersea (Newton) Monday (Late) 6-a-side
Mo Mane Mo Problems2 - 1Marko PirloPatrick Wilson (Mo Mane Mo Problems)
Ledley's Kings1 - 5calidosos fcCarlos Belasco (calidosos fc)
Swans1 - 2Net 6 and ChillToby Brown (Net 6 and Chill)
Marradona Kebabs0 - 3Without a PaddleTim Anderson (Without a Paddle)
Pink and Black1 - 2Delph & SafetyOdane Barnes (Delph & Safety)
July 22

Battersea (Newton) Monday (Late) 6-a-side
Swans1 - 3Delph & SafetyJames Sales (Delph & Safety)
Pink and Black5 - 2Mo Mane Mo ProblemsHugo Knox (Pink and Black)
Marradona Kebabs2 - 2Marko PirloGeorge Rolls (Marko Pirlo)
Ledley's Kings0 - 4Net 6 and ChillAlex Speke (Net 6 and Chill)
calidosos fc2 - 3Without a PaddleMiles (Without a Paddle)
July 29

Battersea (Newton) Monday (Late) 6-a-side
Without a Paddle2 - 1Net 6 and ChillJames Kitto (Without a Paddle)
Marradona Kebabs1 - 3Mo Mane Mo ProblemsPatrick Wilson (Mo Mane Mo Problems)
Ledley's Kings0 - 4Delph & SafetyJames Sales (Delph & Safety)
Pink and Black4 - 2SwansSam Evans (Pink and Black)
calidosos fc7 - 2Marko PirloChristian Heikel (calidosos fc)
August 05

Battersea (Newton) Monday (Late) 6-a-side
Without a Paddle3 - 2Delph & SafetyJohn Elvidge (Without a Paddle)
Ledley's Kings1 - 3SwansJosh Roy (Swans)
calidosos fc7 - 0Mo Mane Mo ProblemsPeres Andres (calidosos fc)
Pink and Black4 - 1Marradona KebabsSam Evans (Pink and Black)
Net 6 and Chill2 - 1Marko PirloAlex Mackenzie (Net 6 and Chill)
August 12

Battersea (Newton) Monday (Late) 6-a-side
calidosos fc7 - 1Marradona KebabsAndres Berez (calidosos fc)
Marko Pirlo2 - 8Delph & SafetyZubair Amin (Delph & Safety)
Net 6 and Chill0 - 0Mo Mane Mo ProblemsToby Brown (Net 6 and Chill)
Pink and Black11 - 0Ledley's KingsSam Evans (Pink and Black)
Without a Paddle1 - 2SwansJosh Roy (Swans)
August 19

Battersea (Newton) Monday (Late) 6-a-side
Without a Paddle5 - 0Ledley's KingsJustin Armatrage (Without a Paddle)
Pink and Black3 - 0calidosos fcDean Moori (Pink and Black)
Marko Pirlo2 - 4SwansRoy Rufus (Swans)
Net 6 and Chill5 - 0Marradona Kebabs
Delph & Safety3 - 0Mo Mane Mo ProblemsJames Salt (Delph & Safety)
September 02

Battersea (Newton) Monday (Late) 6-a-side

Pink and Black1 - 2Delph & SafetyFaiz Amin (Delph & Safety)

Net 6 and Chill3 - 1calidosos fcToby Brown (Net 6 and Chill)

Mo Mane Mo Problems6 - 5Marko PirloTom Egby (Mo Mane Mo Problems)

Without a Paddle1 - 2SwansJosh Roy (Swans)

Marradona Kebabs2 - 3Ledley's KingsMark Frampton (Ledley's Kings)