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Battersea (Newton Prep) Wednesday (Early) Results/Fixtures

July 24

Battersea (Newton) Wednesday (Early) 6-a-side
Bailout Boys4 - 2The Prince of WalesGavin Folconer (Bailout Boys)
Bell End United0 - 3Merton OrientMathew Marshall (Merton Orient)
Bats Athletic1 - 1Spartac TictacLeo O'Brien (Bats Athletic)
Dirty Mike & The Boyz2 - 6FC Chest FreezerFiboin Nyado (FC Chest Freezer)
July 31

Battersea (Newton) Wednesday (Early) 6-a-side
FC Chest Freezer4 - 3Merton OrientFreddie Ferrao (FC Chest Freezer)
Dynamo Stupendo0 - 1Bailout BoysWaud Tahirkheli (Bailout Boys)
Dirty Mike & The Boyz1 - 3Spartac TictacJo Lancaster (Spartac Tictac)
Bell End United2 - 4The Prince of WalesHamed Siodique (The Prince of Wales)
August 07

Battersea (Newton) Wednesday (Early) 6-a-side
The Prince of Wales2 - 2Merton OrientMathew Marshall (Merton Orient)
Bailout Boys1 - 2Dirty Mike & The BoyzJamie Morris (Dirty Mike & The Boyz)
Dynamo Stupendo1 - 3Spartac TictacJack Evans (Spartac Tictac)
Bats Athletic4 - 0Bell End UnitedLeo (Bats Athletic)
August 14

Battersea (Newton) Wednesday (Early) 6-a-side
Dirty Mike & The Boyz2 - 0Bats AthleticOliver Thomas (Dirty Mike & The Boyz)
Dynamo Stupendo5 - 1Bell End UnitedMike Prendevile (Dynamo Stupendo)
Spartac Tictac2 - 1The Prince of WalesHenry Philippino (Spartac Tictac)
FC Chest Freezer8 - 2Bailout BoysFibon Nyadu (FC Chest Freezer)
August 21

Battersea (Newton) Wednesday (Early) 6-a-side
Dynamo Stupendo2 - 2Dirty Mike & The BoyzAndy Bird (Dirty Mike & The Boyz)
FC Chest Freezer6 - 3Bell End UnitedFibon Nyady (FC Chest Freezer)
Spartac Tictac4 - 1Bailout BoysThanasis Salvanos (Spartac Tictac)
Merton Orient3 - 1Bats AthleticJohn Platt (Merton Orient)
August 28

Battersea (Newton) Wednesday (Early) 6-a-side
Spartac Tictac0 - 3Bell End UnitedPratik (Bell End United)
The Prince of Wales2 - 4Bats AthleticAlan Rourke (Bats Athletic)
Merton Orient2 - 5Dirty Mike & The BoyzGuy Nieuwenhuys (Dirty Mike & The Boyz)
Dynamo Stupendo3 - 2FC Chest FreezerJamie Ryan (Dynamo Stupendo)
September 04

Battersea (Newton) Wednesday (Early) 6-a-side
The Prince of Wales1 - 2Dirty Mike & The BoyzDave Wo (The Prince of Wales)
Spartac Tictac3 - 4FC Chest FreezerLuke Pellett (FC Chest Freezer)
Bailout Boys1 - 6Bats AthleticSimon Lawrence (Bats Athletic)
Dynamo Stupendo2 - 1Merton OrientJoseph Koslinski (Dynamo Stupendo)
September 11

Battersea (Newton) Wednesday (Early) 6-a-side
Dynamo Stupendo6 - 5Bats AthleticSam Heappey (Dynamo Stupendo)
Bell End United3 - 4Bailout BoysMatt Kelly (Bailout Boys)
Merton Orient1 - 1Spartac TictacJohn Platt (Merton Orient)
FC Chest Freezer1 - 3The Prince of WalesPaul Davidson (The Prince of Wales)
September 18

Battersea (Newton) Wednesday (Early) 6-a-side
Bailout Boys5 - 6Merton OrientRob Spamfield (Merton Orient)
Bats Athletic1 - 4FC Chest FreezerFreddie Ferrao (FC Chest Freezer)
Bell End United2 - 3Dirty Mike & The BoyzAndy Bird (Dirty Mike & The Boyz)
Dynamo Stupendo1 - 0The Prince of WalesDavid Wu (The Prince of Wales)
September 25

Battersea (Newton) Wednesday (Early) 6-a-side

Semi Final 1
FC Chest Freezer3 - 2Spartac TictacLuke Pellett (FC Chest Freezer)

Semi Final 2
Dynamo Stupendo4 - 0Dirty Mike & The BoyzCharlie Row (Dynamo Stupendo)

Semi Final 3
Merton Orient7 - 3The Prince of WalesMathew Marshall (Merton Orient)

Semi Final 4
Bats Athletic2 - 7Bailout BoysMatt Kelly (Bats Athletic)
October 02

Battersea (Newton) Wednesday (Early) 6-a-side

5th/6th playoff
Merton Orient1 - 3Bailout BoysMatt Kelly (Bailout Boys)

7th/8th playoff
The Prince of Wales4 - 5Bats AthleticDuncan Hepburn (Bats Athletic)

FC Chest Freezer7 - 0Dynamo StupendoFibon Nyaou (FC Chest Freezer)

3rd/4th playoff
Spartac Tictac3 - 6Dirty Mike & The BoyzPatrick Alexander (Dirty Mike & The Boyz)