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Battersea (Newton Prep) Monday (Early) Results/Fixtures

June 03

Battersea (Newton) Monday (Early) 6-a-side
Hester City5 - 1XLNRyan Dancy (Hester City)
Hooligans2 - 2The Quizzy RascalsAndrew Brooks (Hooligans)
Marouane Fellate Me11 - 2Tempo FCCharlie Southern (Marouane Fellate Me)
Pigeons0 - 3Ravenswood RoversAlex (Ravenswood Rovers)
June 10

Battersea (Newton) Monday (Early) 6-a-side
XLN1 - 2HooligansSurjinder Johal (Hooligans)
Tempo FC0 - 5PigeonsMax Maclaren (Pigeons)
The Quizzy Rascals4 - 4Marouane Fellate MeTom Smith (Marouane Fellate Me)
Salt & Pepé3 - 1Ravenswood RoversWilf Marriott (Salt & Pepé)
June 17

Battersea (Newton) Monday (Early) 6-a-side
Ravenswood Rovers3 - 4Hester CityTom Gardner (Hester City)
Salt & Pepé3 - 0Marouane Fellate MeTom Harrison (Marouane Fellate Me)
Pigeons2 - 0HooligansSimon King (Pigeons)
The Quizzy Rascals3 - 0XLNJames Wyatt (The Quizzy Rascals)
June 24

Battersea (Newton) Monday (Early) 6-a-side
Ravenswood Rovers1 - 3XLNAde Solarin (XLN)
Salt & Pepé4 - 1HooligansWilf Marriott (Salt & Pepé)
Marouane Fellate Me3 - 4Hester CityRyan Dansie (Hester City)
Tempo FC1 - 5The Quizzy RascalsChris Ellis (The Quizzy Rascals)
July 01

Battersea (Newton) Monday (Early) 6-a-side
The Quizzy Rascals3 - 2Hester CityTom Ellis (The Quizzy Rascals)
Ravenswood Rovers6 - 3Marouane Fellate MeAlex Hemmingway (Ravenswood Rovers)
Tempo FC1 - 5HooligansDavid Taylor (Hooligans)
Salt & Pepé2 - 4PigeonsJay (Pigeons)
July 08

Battersea (Newton) Monday (Early) 6-a-side
Marouane Fellate Me8 - 4PigeonsCharlie Southern (Marouane Fellate Me)
Hester City13 - 1Tempo FCScott Thaxon (Hester City)
Hooligans3 - 2Ravenswood RoversSam Edwards (Hooligans)
Salt & Pepé3 - 2XLNWilf Marriott (Salt & Pepé)
July 15

Battersea (Newton) Monday (Early) 6-a-side
Hester City7 - 4PigeonsAyo Adegbenco (Hester City)
Salt & Pepé4 - 0The Quizzy RascalsWill Diamond (Salt & Pepé)
XLN3 - 0Tempo FCAAron Taylor (XLN)
Hooligans1 - 1Marouane Fellate MeTom Smith (Marouane Fellate Me)
July 22

Battersea (Newton) Monday (Early) 6-a-side
XLN4 - 0PigeonsAaron Taylor (XLN)
The Quizzy Rascals6 - 8Ravenswood RoversAlex (Ravenswood Rovers)
Hester City3 - 0HooligansScott Taxton (Hester City)
Salt & Pepé9 - 1Tempo FCWilliam Clemesha (Salt & Pepé)
July 29

Battersea (Newton) Monday (Early) 6-a-side
Salt & Pepé2 - 2Hester CityHarry Lloyd (Salt & Pepé)
Ravenswood Rovers4 - 0Tempo FCPhil Hughes (Ravenswood Rovers)
Marouane Fellate Me5 - 2XLNCharlie Southern (Marouane Fellate Me)
Pigeons3 - 4The Quizzy RascalsJames Wyatt (The Quizzy Rascals)
August 05

Battersea (Newton) Monday (Early) 6-a-side

Semi Final 1
Hester City5 - 0Ravenswood Rovers

Semi Final 2
Salt & Pepé6 - 1The Quizzy RascalsCharlie Cowley (Salt & Pepé)

Semi Final 3
Marouane Fellate Me5 - 1PigeonsTom Smith (Marouane Fellate Me)

Semi Final 4
Hooligans5 - 4XLNSam Langridge (Hooligans)
August 12

Battersea (Newton) Monday (Early) 6-a-side

5th/6th playoff
Marouane Fellate Me4 - 1HooligansCharlie W. (Marouane Fellate Me)

3rd/4th playoff
Ravenswood Rovers1 - 3The Quizzy RascalsChris Ellis (The Quizzy Rascals)

Hester City1 - 5Salt & PepéWilf B. (Salt & Pepé)

7th/8th playoff
Pigeons4 - 3XLNCalum Bird (Pigeons)