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Battersea (Newton Prep) Wednesday (Late) Results/Fixtures

July 03

Battersea (Newton) Wednesday (Late) 6-a-side
2 Girls 1 Schlupp3 - 2The Favella FellasHenry Wilson (2 Girls 1 Schlupp)
Chelsea Old Boys3 - 4LCP RevolutionSam Taylor (LCP Revolution)
Fulham Foxes1 - 3Judean Peoples' FrontJohn Lee (Judean Peoples' Front)
July 10

Battersea (Newton) Wednesday (Late) 6-a-side
The Spice Boys2 - 1Chelsea Old BoysJames Newsham (The Spice Boys)
Fulham Foxes2 - 92 Girls 1 SchluppJames Gregory (2 Girls 1 Schlupp)
Unatletico Madrid1 - 2The Favella FellasPatrick Deklee (The Favella Fellas)
Judean Peoples' Front3 - 1LCP RevolutionAndy McKay (Judean Peoples' Front)
July 17

Battersea (Newton) Wednesday (Late) 6-a-side
The Favella Fellas1 - 8Judean Peoples' FrontAndrew Ehrhardt (Judean Peoples' Front)
The Spice Boys2 - 0LCP RevolutionMiles Hinch (The Spice Boys)
2 Girls 1 Schlupp1 - 3Bryanston BanditsFred Mills (Bryanston Bandits)
Chelsea Old Boys4 - 3Fulham FoxesLuka Ferrari (Chelsea Old Boys)
July 24

Battersea (Newton) Wednesday (Late) 6-a-side
Judean Peoples' Front2 - 4Bryanston BanditsFreddie Mills (Bryanston Bandits)
LCP Revolution5 - 1Fulham FoxesJack Shackleton (LCP Revolution)
The Favella Fellas0 - 3Chelsea Old BoysAlex Tuya (Chelsea Old Boys)
The Spice Boys4 - 0Unatletico MadridLeo Withers (The Spice Boys)
July 31

Battersea (Newton) Wednesday (Late) 6-a-side
LCP Revolution6 - 3Unatletico MadridSam Taylor (LCP Revolution)
The Favella Fellas0 - 2Bryanston BanditsFred (Bryanston Bandits)
2 Girls 1 Schlupp4 - 2Chelsea Old BoysCharlie Warner (2 Girls 1 Schlupp)
The Spice Boys3 - 1Judean Peoples' FrontLeo Withers (The Spice Boys)
August 07

Battersea (Newton) Wednesday (Late) 6-a-side
2 Girls 1 Schlupp2 - 2Judean Peoples' FrontJohn Lee (Judean Peoples' Front)
Chelsea Old Boys5 - 2Unatletico MadridPaul Crowley (Chelsea Old Boys)
Fulham Foxes4 - 2Bryanston BanditsDavid Gogoasa (Fulham Foxes)
The Spice Boys3 - 0The Favella FellasLeo Withers (The Spice Boys)
August 14

Battersea (Newton) Wednesday (Late) 6-a-side
Bryanston Bandits3 - 3Chelsea Old BoysC. Rollins (Bryanston Bandits)
The Spice Boys5 - 0Fulham Foxes
LCP Revolution5 - 1The Favella FellasJack Dowson (LCP Revolution)
Unatletico Madrid0 - 72 Girls 1 SchluppAli Maxwell (2 Girls 1 Schlupp)
August 21

Battersea (Newton) Wednesday (Late) 6-a-side
Unatletico Madrid0 - 5Judean Peoples' Front
The Spice Boys1 - 22 Girls 1 SchluppKerr (2 Girls 1 Schlupp)
Bryanston Bandits4 - 3LCP RevolutionRory Murdosh (LCP Revolution)
Fulham Foxes4 - 5The Favella FellasCharlie Ambler (The Favella Fellas)
August 28

Battersea (Newton) Wednesday (Late) 6-a-side
The Spice Boys1 - 1Bryanston BanditsMiles Hinch (The Spice Boys)
Unatletico Madrid1 - 4Fulham FoxesMike Benaron (Fulham Foxes)
Judean Peoples' Front2 - 1Chelsea Old BoysAndrew Denney (Judean Peoples' Front)
LCP Revolution1 - 62 Girls 1 SchluppMagnus Asmunson (2 Girls 1 Schlupp)
September 04

Battersea (Newton) Wednesday (Late) 6-a-side

Semi Final 1
2 Girls 1 Schlupp5 - 1Bryanston BanditsHenry Wilson (2 Girls 1 Schlupp)

Semi Final 2
The Spice Boys3 - 4Judean Peoples' FrontAndrew Denney (Judean Peoples' Front)

Semi Final 3
LCP Revolution3 - 3The Favella FellasJames Caldias (LCP Revolution)

Semi Final 4
Chelsea Old Boys0 - 2Fulham FoxesJosh Coppard (Fulham Foxes)
September 11

Battersea (Newton) Wednesday (Late) 6-a-side

2 Girls 1 Schlupp3 - 2Judean Peoples' FrontWill Ayrton (2 Girls 1 Schlupp)

3rd/4th playoff
Bryanston Bandits5 - 0The Spice BoysArchie Lloyd (Bryanston Bandits)

5th/6th playoff
LCP Revolution0 - 8Fulham FoxesDave GOGOASA (Fulham Foxes)

7th/8th playoff
The Favella Fellas2 - 2Chelsea Old BoysAlex Tuja (Chelsea Old Boys)