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Battersea (Newton Prep) Tuesday (Early) Results/Fixtures

May 21

Battersea (Newton) Tuesday (Early) 6-a-side
BUILDers FC5 - 0Wellie FCEd Laffin (BUILDers FC)
Hardly Athletic2 - 4A.S. FalconsJames Foreman (A.S. Falcons)
Dulwich Destroyers0 - 0Niagara StealthsNick Crampsie (Dulwich Destroyers)
Jock Force (Joke Farce)2 - 3Rail BetisSteve Bullock (Rail Betis)
May 28

Battersea (Newton) Tuesday (Early) 6-a-side
Niagara Stealths0 - 0Rail BetisMatt Jones (Niagara Stealths)
Young Boys of Herne2 - 2A.S. FalconsSam Butterworth (Young Boys of Herne)
BUILDers FC3 - 1Dulwich DestroyersRichard Bieder (BUILDers FC)
Wellie FC2 - 7Jock Force (Joke Farce)Alan Greg (Jock Force (Joke Farce))
June 04

Battersea (Newton) Tuesday (Early) 6-a-side
Young Boys of Herne4 - 1Dulwich DestroyersMax Petch (Young Boys of Herne)
Rail Betis2 - 2Wellie FCAnthony Storemen (Rail Betis)
Hardly Athletic2 - 1BUILDers FCTom Benyon (Hardly Athletic)
A.S. Falcons2 - 1Niagara StealthsGeorge Grillo (A.S. Falcons)
June 11

Battersea (Newton) Tuesday (Early) 6-a-side
Jock Force (Joke Farce)4 - 2Niagara StealthsGareth Melia (Jock Force (Joke Farce))
Young Boys of Herne4 - 5BUILDers FCDarren Sooprayen (BUILDers FC)
Rail Betis0 - 1A.S. FalconsZak Harvey (A.S. Falcons)
Hardly Athletic2 - 1Wellie FCFreddie Brown (Hardly Athletic)
June 18

Battersea (Newton) Tuesday (Early) 6-a-side
Young Boys of Herne0 - 8Jock Force (Joke Farce)James Bramly (Jock Force (Joke Farce))
Niagara Stealths1 - 3BUILDers FCStephen Bone (BUILDers FC)
A.S. Falcons4 - 2Dulwich DestroyersGeorge Grillo (A.S. Falcons)
Rail Betis5 - 6Hardly AthleticBarney Whitehall (Hardly Athletic)
June 25

Battersea (Newton) Tuesday (Early) 6-a-side
A.S. Falcons2 - 2Jock Force (Joke Farce)Zac Harvey (A.S. Falcons)
Niagara Stealths2 - 2Hardly AthleticBarnie Whitehall (Hardly Athletic)
Wellie FC2 - 1Dulwich DestroyersNikola Tadie (Wellie FC)
Young Boys of Herne3 - 4Rail BetisKevin Sutton (Rail Betis)
July 02

Battersea (Newton) Tuesday (Early) 6-a-side
Wellie FC2 - 2A.S. FalconsFloris Ten Nijenhuis (Wellie FC)
Young Boys of Herne5 - 5Niagara StealthsJames Reid (Niagara Stealths)
BUILDers FC1 - 1Jock Force (Joke Farce)Ed Laffin (BUILDers FC)
Dulwich Destroyers0 - 2Hardly AthleticTomas Benyon (Hardly Athletic)
July 09

Battersea (Newton) Tuesday (Early) 6-a-side
Jock Force (Joke Farce)1 - 1Dulwich DestroyersNick Crampsay (Dulwich Destroyers)
Rail Betis1 - 5BUILDers FCJames Pomeroy (BUILDers FC)
Niagara Stealths3 - 0Wellie FCJamie Reid (Niagara Stealths)
Young Boys of Herne3 - 2Hardly AthleticJames Ryan (Young Boys of Herne)
July 16

Battersea (Newton) Tuesday (Early) 6-a-side
Hardly Athletic1 - 5Jock Force (Joke Farce)Naz Swain (Jock Force (Joke Farce))
Dulwich Destroyers9 - 1Rail BetisPete Borrie (Dulwich Destroyers)
BUILDers FC3 - 1A.S. FalconsRichard Biebel (BUILDers FC)
Young Boys of Herne4 - 2Wellie FCRowan Woolcoms (Young Boys of Herne)
July 23

Battersea (Newton) Tuesday (Early) 6-a-side

Semi Final 4
Rail Betis4 - 1Niagara StealthsSteve Bullock (Rail Betis)

Semi Final 3
Young Boys of Herne5 - 0Dulwich DestroyersGeorge Besant (Young Boys of Herne)

Semi Final 2
Jock Force (Joke Farce)1 - 0A.S. FalconsRory (Jock Force (Joke Farce))

Semi Final 1
BUILDers FC3 - 4Hardly AthleticMax Tulley (Hardly Athletic)
July 30

Battersea (Newton) Tuesday (Early) 6-a-side

Hardly Athletic5 - 4Jock Force (Joke Farce)Tom Benyon (Hardly Athletic)

3rd/4th playoff
BUILDers FC1 - 3A.S. FalconsJosh Grootenhois (A.S. Falcons)

5th/6th playoff
Young Boys of Herne3 - 1Rail BetisGeorge Besant (Young Boys of Herne)

7th/8th playoff
Dulwich Destroyers1 - 1Niagara StealthsMarcus Emmet (Niagara Stealths)