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Battersea (Newton Prep) Tuesday (Early) League Table

Battersea (Newton) Tuesday (Early) 6-a-side
BUILDers FC861126111519
Jock Force (Joke Farce)843130121815
A.S. Falcons84311814415
Hardly Athletic84131921-213
Young Boys of Herne83232529-411
Rail Betis82241628-128
Niagara Stealths81431416-27
Dulwich Destroyers81251517-25
Wellie FC81251126-155
Players of the Season
George BesantYoung Boys of Herne2
Ed LaffinBUILDers FC2
Stephen BoneBUILDers FC1
Sam ButterworthYoung Boys of Herne1
Pete BorrieDulwich Destroyers1
Marcus EmmetNiagara Stealths1
James PomeroyBUILDers FC1
Darren SooprayenBUILDers FC1